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About us

"Quality cast brand", "science and technology to promote brand", "word of mouth" brand for the purpose


GREEN Ceramic Co., Ltd, since 2002, is a large ceramic enterprise whose business covers design, research and development, manufacturing and marketing with annual production capacity of over 8 million㎡. The company commits to providing simple, style, top fashion porcelain tile indoors and outdoors for the customers. We have a strong scientific research and development team and ability to design the pattern. In 2016, we, together with other 26 top brands such as New Pearl Ceramic Group, DONGPENG Ceramics, became the first companies that gained national green building materials 3 star certificate. “Green building materials, quality made in GREEN” “Green building, Green made”
As of 2017, GREEN Ceramic has won 16 national patents, filling gaps in the industry. As for overseas market, the company takes strict control of product quality and has obtained qualification certificates including ISO and CE. Being strategic partner with German Brand Viewgres, the company is able to provide impeccable OEM and ODM services for other brands. GREEN Ceramic now with its domestic base has reached to the market in North America, Germany, Australia and Southeast Asia. In 2018, Green Ceramic successfully export its own product to Korea, realized the internationalization development of the company.

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