1.     Internally and externally refined

Consistent tile body. Full-body feature. High quality tiles for the overall curtain wall and flooring indoors and outdoors.

2.     Ultralow water absorption rate. Stain-repellent and moistureproof.

Special production craft and techniques with unique manufacture methods and materials. Less than 0.1% water absorption rate. Excellent performance of corrosion resistance in acids or alkalis environments. Stain resistance, moisture proof, non discoloration. Fluid on the surface for long time hardly permeate the embryo. Suitable for indoor and outdoor material.

3.     Quartz crystal like dense structure. High abraision resistance.

Tiles form quartz crystal like dense structure under non-isothermal conditions and pressure. The abradability is international standard PE14-5. Long use life and cost-effective.

4.     Full-body technology. Consistent tile body

With “full-body”technology, tiles have consistent body, high densification and non-porous structure as well as advantages including high level thermal shock resistance, poor thermal conductivity and small expansion coefficient. Keeping warm in winter while blocking sun in summer as well as its non-combustibility make it best material choice for stone curtain wall.

5.     High hardness. High bending strength.

The hardness of quartz brick is over level 7 and cannot be easily broken nor scratched with sharp tools. Digital monitoring and adaptively adjust temperature of furnace. Rupture strength 45MPA and breaking strength 11000N. Able to resist the shock of people flow in the changeable environment of outdoors and people crowded places.

6.     Abundant brick pattern, multi surfaces of one brick to satisfy the application.

One product has three kinds of surface—“matte, anti-slip and semi- polishing”, enriching the overall style of the space. Anti-slipping surface has R11 high slip resistance, conforming to standard of America, Australia, Europe and China.


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